Request Use of Park or Fields

Permits are needed for anyone who wishes to reserve an area in the North Reading Park or School Facilities for their own exclusive use.  If you are a person/family/group/business or League who is organizing something that will be hosted within North Reading's Park or School Facilities, you must obtain a permit.  Fees vary depending upon the facility, amount of people attending/registered and the specific use.  

All revenues from permits are used for park maintenance and park improvements.  We appreciate your cooperation with our policy.

No one should be teaching or running any fee based programs, leagues or events at any North Reading parks, playing fields or schools without contacting the North Reading Parks & Recreation Department to obtain a permit.

We have a no-compete policy. The Parks & Recreation Department runs numerous programs and events at our Recreation Center and park facilities reserving us the right not to grant a permit to those whose activity may compete with our programs/events.

Anyone found to be running a fee based program or business without contacting the department will be asked to leave IMMEDIATELY.

Softball, baseball and soccer fields are available on a very limited basis by obtaining a permit from the Parks Department.  North Reading sports fields are used almost exclusively by local sports organizations which carry a very heavy schedule and are granted prority.

Park permits take precendence over any non-permitted use.

All use must stop immediately to allow the permit holder to use their permitted area(s) for the time indicated within the permit.

Anyone not allowing a permit holder to use their permitted time will be reported to the parks director and/or police.

Request use of Park or Field (not leagues)
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Parks & Field Rental Rates
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Permit Policies and Rules
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