Composting is a green and effective way to divert organics away from landfills and incinerators. It turns kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrient rich soil that can then be used in the garden or for farming.

Composting has longer term monetary benefits as well -- residents save money as the amount of municipal trash reduces over time.

There are several ways to convert your household organics into compost. You can either set up a composting bin in your own backyard OR you can have a vendor collect your organics to be converted into compost. Both have their pros and cons. Home composting is cheaper but more involved. Vendor composting is convenient but can cost anywhere between $100 - $180 a year depending on the vendor and the plan you opt for.

We have put together some composting resources for you to consider. If you prefer to outsource, check out the vendor sites for the option that works for you best (or contact us at the email listed below). And ask them about getting some compost to use in your garden!


North Reading's preferred vendor for composting offers regular pickups of discarded organic material to be used for composting:

The process for curbside pickups is simple:

  • Vendor provides the bins and buckets.
  • You collect the organics (kitchen scraps and whatever else the vendor allows) over a week or two.
  • On collection day, you put the collected waste out on the curbside in the bin and the vendor picks it up. Some vendors even provide clean buckets for the next pickup.


These websites have comprehensive information on composting at home:

Handy Tip: Some residents have had a better home composting experience with vermicomposting using a Subpod container (

CONTACTPlease email us with any questions regarding home composting and vendor pickups / drop offs:

The information on this flyer has been put together by the North Reading Recycling Committee in an effort to promote organics diversion in the city. The committee is not affiliated in any way to the vendors mentioned in the flyer.

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