Facilities Division

Facilities Division Overview

The Facilities Division is responsible for the maintenance of municipal buildings with the exclusion of school buildings.  Division oversight includes the Public Safety Building, Damon Tavern, Senior Center, Flint Memorial Library, Town Hall and the Department of Public Works Facilities.

Division Objective

  • Implement, update and execute preventive maintenance program to municipal facilities; plumbing, septic, HVAC, electrical, elevators, emergency generators, fire protection, building envelope and roof systems.
  • Schedule routine tests and inspections of municipal buildings; fire protection systems, compressed air tanks, elevators, lifts and emergency generators.
  • Facilitate the procurement of contracted services related to municipal buildings; renovation, construction, maintenance and repair.  
  • Develop municipal buildings long term capital plan to promote sustainable building systems.
  • Work in collaboration with building occupants and community organizations on a routine basis to continuously improve effective communication and efficient building services.
  • Respond to Town Buildings related emergencies.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Julie Spurr-Knight Building Superintendent
Vacant Vacant Director of Public Works 978-357-5227