2024 Accessibility Survey

The Transportation Committee and Commission on Disabilities seek feedback from residents who identify as disabled and to hear from all residents about their transportation needs.

North Reading households will receive a paper version of the 2024 Accessibility Survey in the mail, along with the annual Town Census form the week of January 8, 2024. If you prefer to complete the survey online, please visit the Online 2024 Accessibility Survey. Each household should complete only one survey, either paper or online. 

We ask you to complete all sections of this survey that apply to your household by March 31, 2024:
A. Transportation (all households);
B. Age 0-5 with disabilities;
C. Age 5-18 with disabilities;
D. Age 18+ with disabilities

Return your paper survey to the Town Clerk's office with your Annual Town Census form, complete it online, or request a large print or phone survey from Lil Hartman at lhartman@northreadingma.gov or 978-357-5284.

Thank you for your participation!

Complete your 2024 Accessibility Survey online