Public Records Request Form



  • The Request Form will  automatically be directed to the "Primary Records Access Officer" (RAO) if the "EMAIL" box is selected.


  • The Request Form may be printed and mailed --  or scanned and emailed -- to the appropriate RAO as listed on the Public Records Home Page.
  • The Request Form may be printed, scanned and emailed to the Primary RAO at:
  • The Request Form may be printed and mailed -- or scanned and emailed -- directly to the Department in possession of the records sought as listed on the Website Home Page.

SPECIAL NOTE:   While it is not a requirement that the  "Requestor's"  contact information be provided, doing so will allow a direct and expedient means of communicating the status of a request back to the Requestor. 

Alternatively, a Requestor should contact the office to which the request was made to verify receipt of the request, and to determine the status, time-frame for completion and whether any charges will be incurred under the request.