Town Maps

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Zoning 24"x36" (2.3M)

Town Owned Land 24"x36" (2.3M)

Wetlands and Habitat 11"x17" (1.1M)

Flood Zones 11"x17" (1.4M)

Subdivisions 11"x17" (794K)

Voting Precincts 11"x17" (735K)

Street Atlas 11"x17" (1.3M)

Census Tracts 24"x36" (1.4M)

Most maps are available for sale in the Town Engineer's Office in 11" x 17" and 24" x 36" size. All maps are for planning purposes only. In particular, the Flood Zones map does not substitute for FEMA FIRM maps, which remain the legal document. FEMA Firm maps are available here.