Signs of a Sick Animal

The most important thing to remember about any wild animal listed in the links to the left is they ALL are active at times during the day; this is not necessarily an indicator of disease. The following are indicators of disease in ANY wild animal:

  • Lethargy (an animal laying in your yard for hours on end)
  • Uncoordinated movements (weaving back and forth, or tilting their head in one direction)
  • Unprovoked aggression (many times animals will growl at their own tale, or a bush)
  • Foaming at the mouth (later stages of neurological diseases can cause animals to foam at the mouth)

Do not approach any wild animal regardless of size or whether it appears sick or healthy.  Sick animals are more apt to bite a person than healthy animals. If you believe you have a sick or injured animal on your property call NRPD dispatch at 978-664-3131 ext: 0 for Police dispatch.