Affordable Housing Overlay District

Properties proposed for conveyance
Affordable Housing Overlay District - parcels outlined in red
Affordable Housing Overlay District Map

The CPC has submitted warrant articles for the October 4, 2021 Town Meeting to allow for the conveyance of four properties to be developed for affordable housing: 57 Haverhill Street, 44 & 46 Oakdale Street, and 7 Saint Theresa Street.

These properties are part of the Affordable Housing Overlay District (AHOD), a zoning overlay created in 2008 to allow the development of 23 Town-owned properties to create new affordable housing opportunities. The properties in this zoning district were also identified in the Town's 2018 Housing Production Plan as priority areas for affordable housing development.

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The CPC will be holding a virtual meeting on Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 7:00 PM, by zoom; access online at, or phone: +1 301 715 8592, meeting ID: 985 430 0926. The purpose of the session is to provide information about the proposal to convey the four properties noted above (the remaining 19 in the district are not proposed for conveyance at this time).

The information below has been sent to abutters within 300 feet of each property proposed for conveyance. However, anyone with questions, concerns or feedback on any aspect of the proposal is welcome to attend the session. You may also email Danielle McKnight, Town Planner, or call (978-357-5206).

Letter to abutters

Maps: 57 Haverhill Street, 44 & 46 Oakdale Road, 7 Saint Theresa Street

Affordable Housing Overlay District Bylaw, Section 200 Article XXI