Water Division

Report a water related emergency:
Contact Department of Public Works  (978) 664-6060

Report a water related emergency after hours:

contact Fire Department (978) 664-3112

Division Overview
The Water Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Town’s two water treatment plants, pumping stations, water supply wells, three water storage tanks, approximately 80 miles of water mains, 750 fire hydrants and 4,600 water service connections and water meters.  Division employees also assist in snow removal, emergency response and other Departmental functions as needed.

The specific functions of this division include:

  • Maintaining and repairing all facilities required to supply water to the residents and businesses of North Reading;
  • Ensuring that the water provided meets all federal, state and local regulations for safe drinking water;
  • Responding to citizen inquiries and complaints relative to water quality, poor pressure, leaks and water bills;
  • Conducting quarterly readings of all water meters in service;
  • Repairing leaks in water mains and water services in a timely manner to avoid the waste of water;
  • Conducting an annual water distribution system flushing program;
  • Maintaining fire hydrants and ensuring an adequate volume of water remains in   storage at all times to ensure that the domestic and fire protection needs of North Reading are met; and
  • Administering a program to help promote water conservation.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Mark Clark Water Superintendent