Red Fox & Gray Fox

The red fox weighs from 6-15 pounds but appear heavier than they are. The red fox has a reddish coat and black legs, although the coat color can vary from a blonde to a frosted black, the white tip on the tail is their distinguishing marking from all other species. The gray fox has rusty-red fur on its ears, ruffs, and neck, but their overall coloration is gray with a dark stripe down their back. The belly, throats, and chest are whitish in color. The grey fox is the only fox species which has the ability to climb trees. Both species of fox breed mid-January-late February, giving birth to their pups March-April; the young leave their dens for the first time about a month after birth. Foxes are vocal animals; they have a large range of howls, barks, and whines. Foxes are generally shy and wary, but they are also curious. Foxes can be active at any time during the day or night, and commonly out and seen during dusk and dawn. Foxes remain active all year and actively maintain territories that may vary in size from 2-7 square miles. Foxes are omnivores, opportunistic feeders and their primary foods include small rodents, birds, eggs, vegetation, fruit and carrion. Foxes will hide and store food, go to those locations dig up and re hide their stash.