Wild Animals - Help Keep them WILD…

  • DO NOT pet or feed wildlife regardless of age.
  • DO secure your garbage, clean grease pans on grills, clean areas around bird feeders, keep all pet food indoors, and feed pets indoors.
  • DO cut back shrubs and tall grass; it’s the perfect hiding place for both predators and prey!
  • DO block off crawl spaces under porches, sheds, and other outdoor buildings
  • DO keep sandboxes covered (animals can carry worms in their feces and use sand boxes as a litter box)
  • DO protect your pets! Keep cats indoors, keep dogs close and DO NOT feed your pets outside.
  • DO NOT let any wild animal intimidate you (see deterrence below)
  • DO teach children never to pet ANY animal without adult permission. (Remember coyotes pups are particularly curious, and they are awfully cute!)
  • DO pass this information along to family, friends, and neighbors!