Forms and Applications

Filing Deadlines:

  1. Site Plan, Special Permit Applications and Subdivision Filings are due by 12:00 Noon, four (4) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date. This includes major modifications requiring a public hearing.
  2. All administrative items (ANRs, Bonds, Lot Releases) are due by 12:00 Noon, the Tuesday prior to the meeting (one week prior to the meeting).
  3. Minor modifications to plans such as site plans, special permits and subdivisions are due by 12:00 noon, the Tuesday prior to the meeting (one week prior to the meeting).

Timeline for Decisions

The Department strictly enforces these deadlines in order to allow for staff review, to provide adequate time for the Community Planning Commission to receive all information prior to their meeting dates, and where necessary, to meet newspaper advertising deadlines.

Schedule of Fees

New! Apply Online

Link to Planning's online permitting site (Full Circle - Permit Eyes)

The below instructions for paper or emailed applications are still available and will be accepted.

Subdivision Plans

Approval Not Required Plan (ANR)                   Form A, Approval Not Required- Fees, Guidelines and Application
Preliminary Subdivision PlanPreliminary Subdivision Application- Fees, Guidelines and Application
Definitive SubdivisionDefinitive Subdivision Application- Fees, Guidelines and Application
Private StreetsUnnacepted Street Construction Guidelines- Minimum Construction Guidelines for Unaccepted Streets
 Determination of Access- An access determination Application from the CPC is required for building on unaccepted streets

Site Plan Review


Site Plan Review

SITE PLAN REVIEW- Fees, Guidelines and Applications

Special Permits

Floodplain Special Permit Application

Floodplain Special Permit Application

Multi-Family Special Permit ModificationMult-Family Special Permit Modification
Special Permit - Lot SlopeSpecial Permit - Lot Slope
Signage Special Permit/Site Plan ReviewSign Special Permit/SPR Application Package

Implementation Procedures for Subdivision

Steps to be taken after the approval of a subdivision plan, but before construction may beginLot Release Form
 Statutory Covenant
 Supplementary Restrictive Covenant