Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an important part of North Reading Town Government.  The Select Board and the Town Administrator appoint individuals to a large number of boards and committees, many of which require only a small time commitment.  Listed below are a few of the committees that are currently seeking new members.  A complete listing of all town boards and committees may be found in the Board and Committee Information Center.



Board of Appeals
This is a quasi-judicial board that acts on appeals of zoning interpretations and variances from the Zoning By-laws.  Also acts as special permit granting authority for certain uses allowed under zoning.  Meets twice a month.

Commission on Disabilities
This commission advises and assists municipal officials in ensuring compliance with State and Federal laws that affect people with disabilities.  Meetings are held monthly.

Conservation Commission
This commission is responsible for formulating local environmental protection policies and enforcing the state and local Wetlands Protection Act.  This commission meets twice a month.

Forest Committee
This committee is responsible for care and management of Town owned forest lands.  Members are involved in forest management policy formulation and in charge of public cutting programs.  Meets as needed.

Hillview Commission
This commission is responsible for the management of the Hillview Country Club golf course and function facility.  Meets monthly, more often if needed.

Library Trustees
This board is responsible for public library programs and service policy formation.  Meets monthly.

Martins Pond Reclamation Study Committee
This committee is responsible for researching and making recommendations to the Select Board regarding the improvement and maintenance of the quality of Martin’s Pond.  It also initiates and maintains programs held at the pond.

Mobile Home Rent Control Board
This regulatory board hears proposals for trailer space rent increases.  Cannot include trailer park owner or renter.  Meets as needed.

Taxation Aid Committee
This committee is responsible for the administration of the elderly and disabled taxation fund, as well as identifying recipients of such aid.  Meets as needed.

Veterans Event Committee
This committee assists the Director of Veterans Services in planning events.  Meets as needed.

Water Commission
This commission develops rates, regulations and budgetary information concerning the Town water supply for use by the Select Board.  Meets as needed.

Youth Services Committee
In conjunction with the Director of Youth Services, this committee assesses needs, establishes goals and develops programs to better serve the community’s youth.



Council on Aging
Support and advise the Director of Elder Affairs in advocating for older adults within the community.  Works in cooperation with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs and other area agencies on aging.

Land Utilization Committee
This committee reviews real properties for municipal purposes and recommends actions to the Select Board concerning the acquisition and use of town-owned property.  Meets as needed.

Recreation Committee
Responsible for development and delivery of recreation programs, maintenance of facilities and coordination of facility use.  User fee funded operation.  Meets once a month.

Trustees of Trust Funds
This board manages all trust funds which have been given or bequeathed for the benefit of the Town and its inhabitants.  Meets as needed.