Open Meeting Law

Revised October 6, 2017


Introduction                                      History of the Open Meeting Law          
Chapter 28 of the Acts of 2009                 Ethics Reform Bill of 2010
Town Clerk's Officials Guidebook - 2019Reference Booklet for Public Officials           


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KP Law Information and Updates 
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OML Overview and Practical Considerations   January 2020                                                       
Meeting Notice RequirementsJanuary 2020
Participation in Executive SessionJanuary 2020
Calculation of Majority VotesJanuary 2020
Social Media -- Potential PitfallsJanuary 2019
Attorney General:  Open Meeting Law -- Regulations -- Guide 
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OML --  MGL 30A:18-25Text of the Open Meeting Law
OML GuideAG's Guidebook [Jan.2018 ed -- rev. 10/06/17]
OML Regulations 940 CMR 29.00                    Revised regulations [Revised 10/06/17]
Changes to the Regulations  Section-by-section summary of 10/06/17 revisions 
Regional Public BodiesAlternative Posting Option
Meeting Notices  
Meeting Notice Information                    Important Processing Information 
Meeting Notice -- 'pdf'Fillable 'pdf' -- complete & 'click' to email
Meeting Notice -- UnlinedFor computer or typewriter                        
Meeting Notice -- LinedFor hand-written notices                              
Attorney General's Checklists for Compliance 
Public Body Checklist - Notices   For Completing Meeting Notices
Public Body Checklist - Minutes   For Creating and Approving Minutes  
Public Body Checklist - Executive Sessions   For Entering into Executive Sessions
Public Body Checklist - Screening ComFor Preliminary Screening Committees                 
Complaint Process 
OML Complaint Form                    Instructions & fillable 'pdf' form
Pending OML Complaints               Complaints currently under review by AG   
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