About Us

In March of 2012, the Chief of Police, Michael Murphy, asked town department leaders to come together to discuss the rise in Percocet 30 mg tablet use and drug addiction in our community. The CIT was formed in the spring, and our first discussions focused on community education and prevention efforts. On May 9, 2012, the CIT held a Drug Awareness Seminar to make the community aware of the magnitude of the current drug problem in North Reading and surrounding towns. Presenters included professionals from the medical and law enforcement fields as well as a local parent and youth who have been directly affected by drug addiction. The seminar was geared toward parents and adults and aimed to provide the community with resources available within the North Reading Police Department and other relevant organizations. 

With community support and assistance, the CIT has begun to form “Action Teams” to address quality of life issues by combating the problem, creating an open awareness and dialogue, and using a community-team approach to reducing issues. Action Teams are led by community volunteers and are vital to achieving identified objectives and solutions. Volunteers include parents, public safety officers, teachers, administrators, non-profits, businesses and many others. Please see our Getting Involved page for more information.