Committee & Minutes

Next Meeting
Monday, January 23, 2017, Town Hall Room 5

The North Reading Youth Services Committee is a Board-of-Selectmen appointed public committee. Meetings are held on the 4th Monday of the month at 6:00pm, usually in Room 10 of Town Hall. We currently have a full committee, however, we are always looking for those wishing to serve when terms are available. To apply, click here for a Citizen Activity Form. If a position is not available, we always welcome public attendance at meetings. For more information on public committees, please visit the Town Clerk's page.  

Committee Members

NameTerm Expires
Peter Majane, Chair12.31.19
Frank Ferraro, Vice-Chai12.31.19
Judy Hall12.31.18
Kathy Dardeno12.31.18
Sandy Garniss12.31.19
Leslie Schultz12.31.19
Samantha Miller12.31.19
Karen Buscemi12.31.19
Patty Harrington12.31.18
Amy DiChiarapending appointment
Christy Dampoussepending appointment

Steps to Joining the Youth Services Committee
1. Complete a Citizen Activity Record and submit to the Board of Selectmen Office in Town Hall or submit online
2. The Record is submited to the Committee Chair
3. The Record is reviewed by the Committee
4. Applicant is interviewed by the Committee
5. The applicant is voted on by the Committee to recommend or not recommend
6. The Record is sent to the Board of Selectmen liaison with recommendation for appointment or non-appointment
7. The Board of Selectmen Office 
8. Schedule your swearing in with the Town Clerk
9. Complete your State Ethics training

You are invited to attend all public meetings whether you are an appointed member or not. Meetings are open to the public and occur on the 4th Monday of the month in Town Hall.

Meeting Minutes FY17
January, 2016 (minutes pending approval)
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October, 2016
August, 2016 
July, 2016 

Meeting Minutes FY16
July, 2015
August, 2015
September, 2015
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November, 2015
January, 2016
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