Facilities Division

Facilities Division Overview
The Facilities Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of all Town Buildings, excluding Schools.  The buildings serviced by this division include the Public Safety Building (Police and Fire Station), the Weeks Building (Damon Tavern), the building on the Common, the Flint Memorial Library, the Department of Public Works maintenance facility, and the Town Hall/Murphy Center.

The specific functions of this division include

  • Providing ongoing preventative maintenance and repairs to the Town’s Public Buildings, including service on the electrical, plumbing, heating and septic systems at each building;
  • Responding to emergency situations as they arise at each building;
  • Scheduling the testing of fire alarm systems, emergency generators and other emergency response systems at the Town owned buildings to ensure that these systems will function as designed when needed;
  • Contracting and supervising the custodial services needed to maintain the Town Hall, Public Safety Building, Flint Memorial Library and other public buildings;
  • Developing and updating the Department’s long term Capital Plan with respect to the needs of the public buildings;
  • Meeting with the tenants of the buildings on a routine basis in order to improve service and address issues before they become emergencies; and
  • Preparing and overseeing contracts for major capital improvements at the public buildings, including interior and exterior painting, roof repairs and replacements, window and ventilation upgrades and carpet replacement.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Julie Spurr-Knight Building Superintendent
Andrew Lafferty Director of Public Works 978-357-5227