Protocol and Procedures

Every voter must check-in at their respective precinct table and will be given a badge which they must display prominently on their person.   The badge identifies the person as a registered voter, allows that person to sit within the main seating, participate in deliberations, vote, and indicates to the  “tellers” (persons appointed by the Moderator to count a show-of-hands in determining a hand-count vote) that such person is entitled to vote.  Tellers are instructed by the Moderator not to count the vote of any person who does not display their badge.  Badges are collected at the conclusion of each session, or as the registered voter leaves the meeting, if sooner. Registered voters may check-in and enter the meeting at any time.

Persons wishing to be recognized to speak at the meeting should stand at their seat or move directly to microphones set in various locations throughout the room, and then wait to be recognized by the Moderator.  Once recognized by the Moderator, the person must state their name and residence before speaking.  Anyone recognized by the Moderator may speak for up to 5 minutes; should they require a longer time, they must request a “leave-of-the-meeting” through the Moderator for a specified amount of time.  The Moderator will put the request before the meeting for a vote.

The Moderator presides over Town Meeting and regulates the proceedings, decides all questions of order, and makes public declaration of all votes taken at the meeting.  No person may address the meeting until they are recognized by the Moderator, and all persons shall, at the request of the Moderator, be silent.  Violators may be removed from the meeting at the direction of the Moderator.  

The Moderator will maintain proper protocol and order so that the Town Meeting may function effectively and efficiently.   All questions or comments are addressed through the Moderator.   In addtion, proper courtesy should be extended to all speakers at all times, and cell phones should be silenced upon entering the meeting, as well.

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