Political Parties and Political Designations

As of 12/31/2018

As a result of voter participation in the State Election on November 6, 2018, there are now four (4) Political Parties in Massachusetts:

  • (D)     Democrat
  • (R)     Republican
  • (J)     Green-Rainbow
  • (L)     Libertarian

A person may also register as an “Unenrolled” voter, which is a registered voter who is not affiliated with any political party or any political designation.  
“Unenrolled” voters may vote at primaries by declaring the party ballot of their choice upon entering the polls; following each primary, such voters will automatically return to their “Unenrolled” status.

There are also currently twenty-five official "Political Designations" in Massachusetts. These Policial Designations will not have a separate primary ballot, however persons enrolled in such are now eligible to vote in primaries.  Those persons will be considered "Unenrolled" voters for primary election purposes only, and may choose one of the four political party ballots at primary elections.  The enrollment status of all such persons will automatically revert back to their original political designation after all primaries.
For further information and to view a complete listing of the current Political Parties and Designations, please click to this link from the Secretary of State's Office.

To review your own Political Status & Party Enrollment, click My Voter Status