Bathrooms & Porta Potties - Winter Closures

Please be advised that the bathrooms (and any portable toilets removed) will be CLOSED for the Winter season as follows:

  • North Reading High School - Turf Field effective 11/29/19
  • Ipswich River Park - Bathrooms closed 11/4/19, Porta potties will be removed 11/29/19.
  • Mullin Field - Porta potties removed 11/4/19
  • Clark Park - Porta potties removed 11/4/19
  • Chestnut Street - Porta potties removed 11/4/19

They will re-open when the conditions allow no freezing conditions - generally April 1, 2020.

 If you plan on visiting Ipswich River Park to walk, please note;

  • The parking lot and walkways are plowed after all priority streets and storm clean up is finished.
  • The loop around the soccer fields is measured at 1/2 mile in distance.
  • Please, please, please - if you bring pets, grab a disposable bag and clean up after your pet.  The snow does not hide the pet waste, it just makes it worse for any clean ups after a long period of time.
  • Ipswich River Park is self-supporting so your support is greatly appreciated so our funds can be used on upgrades.

Thank you,

Marty Tilton, Parks Director

Maureen Stevens, Operations Director/Department Head