Public Safety Division


  • Mission Statement is to protect persons and properties while providing a safe and healthy environment to live and work in North Reading.
  • Divisions: Include Police, Fire, Buiding and Health Departments.
  • Public Safety Divisions Conducts: Unified Hazard Mitigation Planning(HMP) to hazadus, chemical, biolaogical radilogical, pandemic and natural disasters. Emergency Managment and prepardness planning to disease investigations and outbreaks such as COVID-19. Provides unified command structure for Emergency Managment(EM), Incident Command(ICS) and Emergency Dispensing Sites(EDS) for mass vaccinations and shelters. Provides emergency notifications, alerts and public informatin during and after emergencies. 
  • Examples: Of Public Safety Division working together is Police Departments have social workers, mental health clinician that work and respond to incidents with the Health Department. The Fire Department partners with Health to operate mass vaccination sites, emergency shelters, ect. The Health and Building Departments are called to emergencies incidents including hazards (Hazardous material, gas leaks, carbon monoxide calls and fires, floods) to determine environmental and structural safety. Health and Police partner in investigating confined spaces such as septic systems, illegal dumping cases and work together in dealing with mental health and environmental concerns at homelessness and drug houses.



  • Police Department Chief Michael Murphy 
  • Fire Department Chief Don Stats 
  • Building Department Commissioner Gerald Noel 
  • Health Departmtment Health Agent Robert Bracey