Are in-law apartments allowed in North Reading

North Reading does not allow in-law apartments; but please see below:

April 10, 2019

TO: Whom It May Concern

FROM: Gerry Noel

Building Commissioner

SUBJECT: Zoning Interpretation

"Additional Living Space"

Pursuant to numerous requests, I provide the following interpretation of the Town of North Reading Zoning Bylaw which governs the use of land and buildings within the Town.

Within a single family zone and regarding residential property with internal spaces that contain kitchen, bath and sleeping space, often referred to as in-law units, the Town of North Reading has no specific definition outlined with its zoning ordinance and as such, has no authority to recognize the existence of an "in-law" unit as anything other than additional living space within a single family dwelling.

We routinely acknowledge that single family dwellings often have self-contained spaces devoted to private, independent living that could be recognized as master suites, maids/servants quarters, etc.

The only specific restrictions would be that the use group and type of construction remain as required for a single family residence under the State Building Code. Free passage from the main living area into and about the secondary area must be permitted without restrictions. Additionally, there shall not be separate egress/ingress from the outside to this accompanying space.

The additional living space can be occupied in conjunction with the primary living space but cannot be offered as conventional rental housing unit. Furthermore, the Town of North Reading Zoning Bylaws § 200-32 which states: Except as otherwise provided in this Zoning Bylaw, no building, structure or land shall be used for a purpose other than one permitted in the district as prescribed in this article. Any use not permitted by this article shall be construed to be prohibited.

Gerry Noel,

Building Commissioner