Public Works Projects

Snow Fighting
The first job that comes to mind when most people think of the DPW is snow plowing. The DPW is responsible for maintaining safe passage on all public roads and ways in North Reading, with the exception of Route 28.

Here you see a picture of the Town's largest piece of snow-fighting equipment, a Grader, equipped with a front plow, a belly blade and a wing blade.

Infrastructure Maintenance
Everyone is familiar with the grates on the side of the road that collect the rain and melting snow. The DPW maintains North Reading's stormwater collection system. The water enters the catch basin. A sump in the basin traps sand and other solids, and the water is piped to an outfall near a stream or wetland.

A DPW employee stands on the outfall pipe as he finishes repairing a catch basin.


Grounds Maintenance
The DPW maintains the grounds at the Town Buildings and Cemeteries, including spring and fall cleanup, grass mowing in the summer months, and snow removal in the winter.

A DPW employee blows snow from a walkway at the Riverside Cemetery.

Cemetery Operations
The DPW is responsible for operation of the Town's three cemeteries. This involves grounds maintenance, cemetery expansion projects, records keeping, and internments.

A backhoe equipped with a rock hammer is being used to prepare a grave for a burial.



Road and Street Maintenance
The Department maintains approximately 80 miles of roads and streets. This work includes plowing in winter, street sweeping and line painting in the spring, and repairs and reconstruction of the roadways on an ongoing basis.

A skid steerer is used to collect rock to be removed from a roadway widening project.


Water System Maintenance
The DPW operates the Town's water system, including two treatment plants, four wellfields, three water storage tanks and approximately 80 miles of water main.

In this picture, DPW employees work to repair a ruptured water main.


Construction Projects
In addition to maintenance projects, the DPW also undertakes small construction projects. These projects include roadway improvements, drainage and water system upgrades, and sidewalk construction.

In this picture, the DPW uses a backhoe to dig a trench for the extension of a stormwater drain line.
The DPW also works with other Town Departments to assist with facility improvements that relate to the DPW's construction capacities.

The grader is being used on a project to rebuild the track at the High School.